Feminism vs. Women’s Rights

It has occurred to me lately just how far we’ve come regarding women’s rights in our culture, particularly compared to 50+ years ago, and compared even to a number of other modern day cultures. Equality has become more of a natural assumption than a cause to fight for.

Case in point: The 2016 American election. In the two or three years leading up to the election, I fully expected that Hillary Clinton would be running for the Democratic party and that a major part of her platform would be “electing the first female American president”. But that didn’t really happen. And it’s a good thing! As it turns out, generally speaking, this election was not about “man vs. woman” (though certainly I’m sure some individuals did see it largely in that light). It wasn’t about “the underdog female conquering the big bad oppressive man”. I cannot tell you how glad I am to see that! We’ve come to a place where gender does not even need to be a factor in an election. However you may feel about the outcome of this particular election, I hope you can join me in taking a moment to appreciate this. Continue reading


Hurt by the Church

2016 was a pretty decent year for me, all things considered. But towards the end of the year, some very difficult circumstances came up that have caused me some distress.

As the year came closer to an end, it started looking like a year for failure among genuine Christian leaders. I don’t mean the usual long list of false teachers that we may see on TBN, etc., but actual gospel-teaching Christian leaders. The former are an annoyance and a frustration because they reflect badly on the rest of us even though they don’t actually represent us. The latter are the ones that we should be deeply concerned about and humbled by when they stumble and fall. Continue reading